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When planning an international move there are many things to take under consideration. First is, to make sure you are getting the right quote & proper service! You also want to make sure you are dealing with FMC licensed shipping companies only. All shipping companies must be licensed by the Federal Maritime Commission in order to handle your cargo or issue a BOL (Bill of Lading). Please keep in mind there are many impostors out there that may not be licensed with the FMC. Please make sure to have a detailed list put together of everything you’re planning on shipping. You can also fill out our cubic feet calculator to help determine the CFT of your shipment. Feel free to contact a representative with any questions. Self-Packing Customers: Customers who choose to self pack their household goods in order to meet a budget. If you’re planning on self packing your shipment you would need to create a full inventory list of everything that will be going inside your boxes. Please keep in mind if you have a bulky shipment it may be in your best interest to hire our professional packing crews handle the packing of your items. No steamship line will accept any household goods that are not properly packed. We can accept any size cardboard boxes, Rubbermaid bins or suitcases. Please make sure all the boxes are sealed and properly marked. If you have any questions or need instructions on packing please contact one of our representatives.

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