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International Movers Network, Inc recommends that you purchase Insurance. If insurance is purchased, you need to itemize the articles of concern; all terms and conditions will be as per your Insurance policy. All claims, if any, should be submitted by you directly to the Insurance Company in 14 days. In order to protect yourself against potential loss and damage to your shipment en route to your destination; it is highly recommended that you insure the shipment.International Movers Network, Inc can provide you with marine insurance, There are two types of marine insurance (All risk & Total lost) to ship your Household goods, cars, trucks, cargo, freight and other items overseas either to or from the U.S.A.

insurance is indeed additional cost but will give you the peace of mind you’ll want so you can concentrate on the rest of your move. To insure your shipment, the process is very simple. You will need to fill packing list with the replacement values listed for the insurance company that will be provide by our representative,  You  will have to send us the list in order us to forward to the  insurance company. Automobile insurance can be purchased for a total lost and all we need is the replacement value of your automobile.
All risk insurance covers damage and or loss of goods. This insurance is only available if, and only if, your goods are professionally packed by our crew/ agents and stowed for shipping. A packing list with values or commercial invoice must be tendered prior to the shipment sailing.
Total loss insurance only covers your cargo if the entire shipment is lost. A packing list with values or commercial invoice must be tendered prior to the shipment sailing.

It is important that you make an effort to value your entire shipment and that values account for replacement values at the destination country.
When the form is complete, please send it to International Movers Network, Inc by fax or e-mail so your valuation policy can be set up.
Because federal law may limit your mover’s liability for loss or damage to your goods, obtaining insurance option is a good way to protect against loss or damage to your goods.
Review the terms and conditions of the insurance offered, as some policies only provide protection in the case of total loss of a vessel. Under such policies, routine damage to goods that occur in transit may not be covered.
Marine insurance policies are usually provided by third parties, not by your mover.
Request a copy of any marine insurance policy that has been purchased on your behalf.
Although unusual, another option for insuring your overseas shipment may be your existing home owner’s or renter’s policy. Check your policy and/ or ask your insurance broker to see if it provides protection against loss or damage of your goods during an international move.