How To Ship An Automobile Abroad When Moving Internationally

Many customers often wonder how they can ship their automobile abroad when moving internationally.  International Movers Network provides solutions for via ocean freight and air freight shipping. Our team of professional movers will handle your packing needs,  and  gently prepare all the property in your residence. Our door to door, door to port, port to port and port to door services and network of agents across both the USA and world allows us to cover any international moving service in any location at any time! If you need an automobile shipped to another country or have any questions about the International moving process give us a call today! 1-844-413-2220

3 Reasons To  Hire A Moving Company For Packing

 Many people are on a tight budget when moving and look to minimize costs by tackling tasks themselves. While in some cases handling packing yourself works, when moving internationally you should always consider hiring a moving company to help with packing!

1. You Don’t Have Proper Equipment – Many personal property items such as furniture and automobiles are extremely heavy and can’t be moved alone. Trying to be a hero with a friend and move a heavy item can be dangerous for both of your physical safety and also the item itself. A professional trusted moving company such as International Movers Network is equipt with packing pallets, lift vans, and cranes for heavy and fragile items.

2. Time Is Your Most Valuable Asset – We all know that time is our most valuable asset since we can’t ever get it back.. yet we continue not to use it efficiently! Spending hours into packing rather than something more productive that can’t be outsourced is not the most efficient use of time during such a hectic moment.
3. Insurance Options – By choosing to pack yourself , you eliminate the option for items shipped oversees to be insurable. International Movers Network can offer customers full insurance coverage for any shipment that has been professionally packed.
If you are planning an international move and have any questions about the packing and/or moving process please give us a call today!

3 Tips For College Students During Moving Week

September 1st is known as one of the busiest days of the year for college students across the country! Many students moving into the dorms or off campus housing begin leases on September 1st which ensues chaos and madness across every college campus. Here are 3 tips for college students during moving week.

  1. Ask For Help – Don’t be afraid to ask friends or family members for help! For students who live out of state, ask your new roommate or a friend to partner up and help each other move.  Having assistance will make lifting and moving heavy objects such as your mattress, dresser, and Television much easier. If you need a larger move and need professional assistance – hire a trusted moving company to assist!
  2. Don’t Wait For The Last Minute To Pack – Moving week is hectic for all students around campus – you are not alone! Many students have their parents or friends come up to help move them in – adding to the clutter of spacing and making parking and convenience more difficult. Be organized and pack all of your belongings ahead of time to help keep stress levels down and ensure and easier move!
  3. Know Your Dimensions – How frustrating would it be to have spent all the time, money, and energy on buying and moving new objects for your new space… that don’t even fit! Find out the dimensions of your new space,  items being moved, and transportation means so that there are no last minute surprises come moving day!

If you have any other questions about moving visit the FAQ on our website or contact us today for more information!


2 Moving Tips For Professionals Relocating Abroad

Moving abroad for work is a major life change! While it’s exciting to be living and working in a new country, the process of moving to a foreign destination can also be daunting. Here are 2 moving tips for professionals relocating abroad.

#1. Choose The Right Shipping Method – Depending on what personal items you decide to bring with you , choosing the proper shipping method is very important.  Many items suit well for air shipping, while other items such as automobiles or pianos may require cargo and ocean freight shipping.  Visit our website or contact us directly to discuss which shipping options best fit your personal needs!

#2. Research You’re New Home – Be safe and have fun in you’re new home! Use websites such as Yelp, Tripadvisor, Zagat, and Google to find out which restaurants and bars are worth exploring. Visit tourist spots and network to meet new people!

Best of luck with your move abroad –  If you have any questions about the international moving process contact us today!

3 Tips For Staying Relaxed During The Moving Process

Let’s face it – moving can be a very stressful process! No matter how much proper planning is done prior to moving it’s hard to remain calm during the execution of the move. Between spouses , children, pets, and moving companies it’s hard to keep tabs on all parties involved however here are 3 tips for you that will help you stay relaxed during the moving process!

1.Breath! Breath! Breath!

Between sprinting around the house to make sure everything is being organized and packed or scampering for more boxes it’s easy to get out of breath and stressed while moving. At any moment if you recognize yourself feeling anxious or stressed – take a few moments to sit down and recollect yourself via some deep breaths! If you are feeling anxious and tense that energy will transmit itself to the other parties involved in the move. Yoga or going for a walk around the block will help relax your body and mind leading to a more relaxed and successful move!

2. Make A List!

Making a list for action items is very crucial to staying organized when moving. It’s easy to feel tempted to do a million things at once when getting ready to move, however this leads to chaos and inefficiency.  Packing personal items in the incorrect order or storing them in the wrong place of the household will only get in the way of the moving company and will make everybody’s job more stressful. Make a list and stay organized to ensure your move goes smoothly!

3. Hire The Right Movers!

Moving is an operation that takes serious commitment and planning from all parties involved to be executed smoothly. There are many moving companies online that look to scam customers so it’s extra important to do your due diligence to find the most trustworthy and competent of companies. International Movers Network takes pride in our ability to meet all of our customer’s personalized expectations – Give us a call today with any questions or to start discussing your upcoming move!

3 Tips To Help Make International Moving Easier

Getting a new job at a new place ends up in moving to a new place and that is quite hectic. A lot has to be taken care of while you are moving to a new country or state. Moving internationally is a lot more hard and complex than moving to a new city. Here are three tips that will help make your International move a lot more easier!

  1. Plan ahead:
    Start your preparations a lot more earlier than you intend to move. This saves you from all the hassle and hurling and over packing stuff that you do not need. You need to plan ahead about your visa , your place to stay and you need to declutter your belongings. Keep and pack the things that you might need there and sell or give away the things that you will not be using there. This will keep your luggages light and will make travelling easier for you.You must also plan ahead where you are going to stay so that you are not completely lost when you land at your new destination. Furthermore, make sure that you have ample knowledge about the country you are moving to and narrow it down to the area you will be living in. Learn about the customs, the closest grocery stores, the environment and about the climate as well. Find about your embassy, your rights as a citizen there, the hospitals so can have a better and more clear idea what your life will there like.
  2. Make a detailed checklist:
    Making a checklist will organize your planning and you will have a picture of what needs to be done and what has been done. Even if you think that you are a professional when it comes to organizing and making mental checklists, the amount of work that needs to done when you are moving to a new state will end up overwhelming you. So, it is better to write all the points down on a neat notebook in the form of a checklist. You may categorize your checklist according to months, weeks and days. For example , in an eight weeks before moving checklist, you can add looking for a place to stay or decluttering your belongings and decide whether you can move on your own or you might need professional movers. Then in the six weeks before moving checklist you can add deciding or comparing between the moving companies and all the people you need to contact and inform about your moving. You can also add looking for a good school or college for your children to study which is within your budget. Then you can keep narrowing your checklist down to two weeks before moving in which you can decide your way of transport there and change your numbers and your postal address. You can further narrow this checklist to two or one day before moving and add things that need to be checked, like do you have all your important documents with you? Is your stuff packed? Have you accomplished everything on your previous checklist?
  3. Notify every relevant person:
    Make sure to notify all the relevant people in your life about your moving so they can be saved from the surprise when you are nowhere to be found.Here is a list of people that you must contact before leaving:

    1. Your friends and family:
      Before anyone else, you need to inform you family and friends that you will be moving to another country because your family and friends are the most important people in your life. Make sure to bid them goodbye in a proper manner.You can call them or it will be even better if you invite them all to a lunch and announce your moving to a different country. Also make sure to decide how you can stay connected with your loved ones because otherwise you will feel quite lonely in the new place.
    2. Your current employer:
      Secondly, inform your boss or your current employer that you will be leaving their job and moving abroad. Make sure to give them a notice, month before you quit the job. This will give the company to sort out your paperwork and look for your replacement.You do not need to do this if you will be working in a different branch of the company you are currently working for. 
    3. Your Landlord:
      Third in priority comes your landlord. If you live in a rented house then make sure you inform your landlord so he can look for a new tenant beforehand. You must inform your landlord about your intentions at least a month before moving out. According to the law, you must send a notice to your landlord in writing that clearly states the day and date on which you are going to move out and your future address as well. Furthermore, make sure to take your security deposit back.
    4. Other services and subscriptions:
      These other services and subscriptions include your postal services and your utilities so that they know that these services need to be ended on the day you move. Other than these, verify that your bank and school/college knows that you are moving and that your child will be transferring schools/colleges. Make sure to collect the transferring certificate from the institutions.

5 Tips for Moving When Relocating For Work Abroad

5 Tips for Moving When Relocating For Work Abroad:

Being provided an opportunity to relocate for work abroad is surely a great experience that one can have. After all, it means that you would be living in a new place, get to learn a new culture and even a foreign language as well. However, apart from the adventure and learnings that you can get from moving abroad, you may also experience struggles adjusting there. Here are 5 tips for moving when relocating for work abroad!

Save money

Emergencies may happen anytime and as you are moving abroad, where you can only lean on yourself, there is a need for you to make sure that you have some extra cash with you at all times. So, save money and live a frugal life as much as possible.

Learn their language

If you are moving to another country, may it be for work or for other reasons, it is just right for you to learn their language. That way, you would not have a hard time communicating with the locals in the area and making friends with them. Of course, there is also a need for you to always wear a smile.

Pay a visit

Before you move there for work, pay it a visit. Observe the practices that they have and slowly understand their culture. That way, you would have an easier time adapting to it once you have finally moved there.

Embrace the differences

Enjoy the difference between where you are currently living and working with where you would be living and working for only that way you would be happy with your new surroundings.

Be involved in the community

In order for you to actually feel that you belong there, immerse yourself in it. Instead of just knowing what is happening in the community, participate in it. With that, you can feel a sense of belongingness.

With these tips, moving abroad would surely be much easier on your part. If you have any questions regarding moving abroad or international shipping please give us a call today!

4 Tips for Choosing the Right International Moving Company

Life doesn’t always go as planned. Sometimes, you have to pack up and move suddenly but you have no idea about any moving companies! It is very important to choose the correct International moving company when moving overseas but this is difficult because there are so many International moving companies with good and bad reputations.. If you are a busy traveler then you may have experienced who has premier services for your demands, but for a beginner it is not a piece of cake to choose the right International Company. To make a good decision, here are four tips which can help choosing the right International moving company:

i. Companies license and Insurance:

There are different campaigns that are working in order to check that which honest and reliable International moving companies are which have reliable license and insurance. CRF, FMC, FIDI, AMSA, IAM, DOT, and OTI are the honest companies to check the license of the international moving companies. You should approach an organization which is affiliated and approved so that no other difficulty will be faced in the travel.

ii. Review and what you need:

You can search about their services by just reviewing the people’s comments and claims that they have uploaded in different websites don’t skimp on this issue. There are many people which share their experiences. There are many different websites where you can check this like the better business bureau or if you want to search you can search by the key work, Travel Company U.S which will open all the companies in U.S like this you can search wherever you want to go. By looking at the services you will come to know about those which

Are your requirements for the services you wanted for traveling such as moving pets with you or moving any other unusual thing. This will help you to judge the best International moving company for you. You will also know about the positive and negative aspects and features which are not shown on the main websites of the International moving companies.

III. Price-tag:

Yes price-tag matters a lot in a flight. There are companies which have low rates and some are very expensive. Those companies are expensive, which gives door to door service. They just pick you from your home and then when you reach your destination they will drop you to your hotel or the place where you want to go. Everyone always looks for an excellent package which have low price and good services. But you should not always look for the cheapest deal just because it is cheap. The cheapest deals can be life threatening, sometimes so the decision should be made considering different aspects other than just the cheapest price.

iv. How Long a Company has been in Business? :

This explains the service and its reliability in the market. So an international company that has a bad reputation will not be entertained by a lot of people because bad news travels fast. A company which has a bad reputation once is mostly bad for many years. Like PIA has reduced its charm and reliability because of two, three plane crash incidents that happened in it due to faults in the engine of the airplanes. Now people are afraid in traveling PIA. So, we can locate the best International Company by looking at its age and experience.

These are all the tips that are used while selecting the International moving companies. You need to look for it in detail so that there will not be any misinformation that will lead to any kind of disaster in your life.

3 Tips For Shipping A Piano

One of the most effortful task is to move a piano because it is a delicate instrument. It has many small parts as in some pianos the parts are about 7000 in number. Pianos are very heavy, their manufacturing and finishing is so delicate that it can easily get scratches on its surface or become a victim of wear and tear. The greatest problem in moving a piano is its weight. The smallest piano weighs more than 350 pounds. The real eye catching pianos are those of the older times, which are extremely heavy and are easily over 1000 pounds. That is too much to move. Even moving a piano from one room to another in the same house is not simple, other than its weight, its huge structure is that which makes it difficult to shift it in the other place. We have to create a complete balance from both the sides of the piano for a safe shifting process.

As you want to ship your piano, there is a whole list of risks that can become a great hurdle in your way if you don’t take some certain measures. There are four important risks. One is your health; it can damage your health by major or minor injuries like a broken leg, arm to normal scratches during the moving process. The second is your time; if your piano has not been there where you wanted it to be safely then you have wasted a lot of time trying to get it there. Third is your money; it can cost you for repairing the damages caused during moving. Fourth is a risk to your Piano; your piano will not be the same piano you had bought and it will influence all the above risks.

Now that you know that moving a piano from one place to the other is not less than a great challenge. Keeping in mind all the risks, there are three steps that can be taken for a proper piano shipping and moving process. If you love your piano, then have a look at these steps carefully, you might want to benefit from these.

Step 1: Plan the route from where your piano will move to its destination. Remove all the obstacles that are in its way and distribute each person its individual responsibility. Properly distributing manpower can help you move, load and unload your piano in your mode of transport. It is more appropriate that if the piano is middle sized it should be handled by three persons and a fourth should be the supporter who will monitor the situation and spot if any malfunctioning is taking place.

Step 2: You should keep the piano in an upright position while taking it to its destination. While moving the piano, everyone one should be aware that the piano must not be tilted or put in an irregular position, since it can damage the interior. Dolly carts can be of some help while the piano is lift in the air for moving. These dollies protect and balance the wooden structure of the piano. After placing it on the dolly it is very easy to move because of the wheels. These wheels reduce the effort in moving the piano. The only effort is to carefully place the piano on the dolly cart. You can use a rope to push or pull a dolly cart.

Step 3: Then what you have to do is just to pull the dolly and the others will just check the piano by holding it that it will remain upright without any sort of risk. After reaching the place you just have to again pull the piano in the air and remove the dolly from underneath and place your piano gently on the required place.

3 Tips For Shipping A Piano

4 Tips for Moving Internationally

Nowadays due to globalization most people have started relocating within cities or even countries. As a result the amount of people participating in international moving has greatly increased.

Here at International Movers we understand that international moving can be a rather hectic process; hence, we decided to ease your troubles. Our research analysts and staff burned the midnight oil and scoured the depths of our databases to bring to you the following four tips for moving internationally.

Deciding which is better for you: shipping or airfreight?
International moving has hefty costs; therefore, you should try and save every penny that you can. If you plan on taking your belongings along with you to another country then you have two ways of doing so. Firstly, you can use a shipping service, which is obviously less expensive. However, you should note that despite being cheaper, shipping your stuff will take more time. On the other hand, airfreight is quicker, but more expensive as compared to shipping.
As a result, International Movers advises to use whatever service is more convenient for you because not everyone is the same.
Pack one room at a time
Packing is an essential part of moving anywhere let alone abroad. It is perhaps the most tedious and chaotic component of the entire moving process, but if done right then it is very easy. Firstly, we recommend making a list of all your important belongings. Once you have done so, move on to packing stuff. However, be careful to focus on individual rooms rather than trying to package everything in the house at the same time. Pack everything in one room once, then move on to the next. This will make it easier for you locate specific things later on.
Do ample research before taking your pet along
This tip is specifically for people who plan on shifting abroad with pets. Before taking your pet along make sure that you are aware of that country’s rules and regulations regarding the entrance of foreign parents. Some countries have certain reservations regarding importing or exporting pets as this may spread serious diseases like rabies. Hence, before everything else make sure to obtain a health certificate from your vet and get them vaccinated, if necessary. Most countries in European Union now require pets to wear a microchip with data of all their previous and current medical records.
Sell your belongings before you move
Sometimes it may be best to not move everything that you own. In such a case, we advise you to sell whatever you own before shifting. This will not only help you get rid of unnecessary stuff that you own, but also help generate money that can be used by you for moving.
Before we end our post tips that can alleviate the frenzy going while you are moving, we would like to explain to you how we can help you with international moving.
How can we help?
International Movers is an international moving company. We greatly value our customers and their satisfaction above all. Therefore, we provide you with the following services to lessen the burden of moving internationally:

  1. We can deliver your stuff anywhere in the world – from Australia to Zimbabwe we will move your stuff for you.
  2. We offer customers to choose from either a shipping service or an airfreight service. Both of these methods are available at economical prices.
  3. We will also assist you in packing your belongings and moving them securely.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      So what are you waiting for? Contact us now for all you moving needs!