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Personal Guide to Moving

Whether it is selecting air freight to meet a deadline, exclusive-use truck transportation to the port of embarkation, or steamship service, we provide the most direct, cost effective routing, International Movers Network, Inc. experienced team and traffic management system accomplishes the required results: effective forwarding, successful completion and happy customers.

At International Movers Network, Inc. we want your relocation move to be memorable because of how well it went. We have created a guide for your relocation shipping so you’ll better understand the international moving process, and know what to expect at every stage of your move. Then, together, we can design a move that specifically addresses your needs.

Here is a checklist for your relocation:

Make sure to work directly with a company that can provide Federal Maritime Commission license (FMC).

Prepare list of items that you would like to move from your address of origin to your destination.

Do you request door to door or door to port service?

Do you require packing service for your relocation shipment?

Do items need to be insured?

Do the shipping companies you’re considering track the items they are transporting for you online?

What is the value of the products or goods you need to transport? Will there be additional taxes on the product or goods if they are being sent internationally?

Did you check your rights at the destination country?