3 Tips To Help Make International Moving Easier

Getting a new job at a new place ends up in moving to a new place and that is quite hectic. A lot has to be taken care of while you are moving to a new country or state. Moving internationally is a lot more hard and complex than moving to a new city. Here are three tips that will help make your International move a lot more easier!

  1. Plan ahead:
    Start your preparations a lot more earlier than you intend to move. This saves you from all the hassle and hurling and over packing stuff that you do not need. You need to plan ahead about your visa , your place to stay and you need to declutter your belongings. Keep and pack the things that you might need there and sell or give away the things that you will not be using there. This will keep your luggages light and will make travelling easier for you.You must also plan ahead where you are going to stay so that you are not completely lost when you land at your new destination. Furthermore, make sure that you have ample knowledge about the country you are moving to and narrow it down to the area you will be living in. Learn about the customs, the closest grocery stores, the environment and about the climate as well. Find about your embassy, your rights as a citizen there, the hospitals so can have a better and more clear idea what your life will there like.
  2. Make a detailed checklist:
    Making a checklist will organize your planning and you will have a picture of what needs to be done and what has been done. Even if you think that you are a professional when it comes to organizing and making mental checklists, the amount of work that needs to done when you are moving to a new state will end up overwhelming you. So, it is better to write all the points down on a neat notebook in the form of a checklist. You may categorize your checklist according to months, weeks and days. For example , in an eight weeks before moving checklist, you can add looking for a place to stay or decluttering your belongings and decide whether you can move on your own or you might need professional movers. Then in the six weeks before moving checklist you can add deciding or comparing between the moving companies and all the people you need to contact and inform about your moving. You can also add looking for a good school or college for your children to study which is within your budget. Then you can keep narrowing your checklist down to two weeks before moving in which you can decide your way of transport there and change your numbers and your postal address. You can further narrow this checklist to two or one day before moving and add things that need to be checked, like do you have all your important documents with you? Is your stuff packed? Have you accomplished everything on your previous checklist?
  3. Notify every relevant person:
    Make sure to notify all the relevant people in your life about your moving so they can be saved from the surprise when you are nowhere to be found.Here is a list of people that you must contact before leaving:

    1. Your friends and family:
      Before anyone else, you need to inform you family and friends that you will be moving to another country because your family and friends are the most important people in your life. Make sure to bid them goodbye in a proper manner.You can call them or it will be even better if you invite them all to a lunch and announce your moving to a different country. Also make sure to decide how you can stay connected with your loved ones because otherwise you will feel quite lonely in the new place.
    2. Your current employer:
      Secondly, inform your boss or your current employer that you will be leaving their job and moving abroad. Make sure to give them a notice, month before you quit the job. This will give the company to sort out your paperwork and look for your replacement.You do not need to do this if you will be working in a different branch of the company you are currently working for. 
    3. Your Landlord:
      Third in priority comes your landlord. If you live in a rented house then make sure you inform your landlord so he can look for a new tenant beforehand. You must inform your landlord about your intentions at least a month before moving out. According to the law, you must send a notice to your landlord in writing that clearly states the day and date on which you are going to move out and your future address as well. Furthermore, make sure to take your security deposit back.
    4. Other services and subscriptions:
      These other services and subscriptions include your postal services and your utilities so that they know that these services need to be ended on the day you move. Other than these, verify that your bank and school/college knows that you are moving and that your child will be transferring schools/colleges. Make sure to collect the transferring certificate from the institutions.